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Welcome's you to review our list of
all natural herbal treatments that



  Welcome's you to review our list of all natural herbal products

Our 20th year keeping our customers informed with information and treatment that keeps them outbreak free. To date there are thousands of our customers that had the Herpes Virus and are now outbreak free after using The Herpes Virus treatment Program.


Herpes Virus Information


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We have the best Quality products on the Market today for Herpes, Shingles and Cold Sores at Inexpensive Prices.

From the Desk of the president

I would like to introduce you to the Herpes Virus Program for preventing those dreaded outbreaks. The Institute for Better Health through years of research has put together a program for preventing Herpes. Keeping the Immune System Strong with Immune-All and flushing out the Colon with Viraway, will keep the Virus Dormant, in Remission and will keep you Outbreak Free. Visit and research our website, try our products and may you and yours have a healthy, happy and a outbreak free life. E-mail or call with any questions that you may have. -

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Transmission of the Virus is caused by oral sex, anal sex or genital contact. Including intercourse, kissing or any direct skin to skin contact which allows the transfer of body fluids. A person is considered contagious when itching or burning symptoms are active sores, if healing lesions are present and are contagious even when no symptoms are not present. 1 in 6 of the infected sheds active the virus without symptoms. Lesions may occur deep in the vagina and may not be seen or felt and still may transmit the disease.


An infected individual can spread the virus to other parts of the body by touching or are shedding the virus and then touching, scratching or rubbing parts of the body. Towels are especially conductive to this.

Shingles are caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Even though

chickenpox sores heal, the virus that caused chickenpox, called varicella-zoster, remains in your body. This virus lies dormant in your nervous system, and itís the job of your immune system to suppress it, or keep it from coming back. But age and other factors can weaken the immune system, allowing the varicella-zoster virus to resurface as Shingles, a painful rash thatís also called herpes zoster.
This is why you can only get Shingles if youíve had chickenpox.

You cannot get Shingles from someone who has it. 

Shingles cannot be passed to another person by sneezing, coughing, or casual contact. The only way to get Shingles is by first having chickenpox. However, if a person has never had chickenpox and has direct contact with the Shingles rash when it is still blistering, he or she can get chickenpox, which can later resurface as Shingles. Finding relief from genital herpes involves understanding what the condition is. Genital herpes treatment, though not the easiest ailment to treat.  The good news is there is a treatment for the thousands of sufferers from all over the world. The best way for the treatment of genital herpes is  the use of solutions that have been developed from herbal and with natural ingredients.

The Herpes Virus Program is the answer.

When someone is infected by the virus that causes genital herpes, the most noticeable symptom is the swellings that appear in the genital or other parts of the body that are close to the sex organ. Genital herpes treatment aims to reduce and cure the swellings in the first place, and having achieved this, the treatment then aims to lessen the occurrence of herpes outbreaks. And with proper genital herpes treatment (The Herpes Virus Program) the person is able to substantially diminish the outbreaks and keep the HSV virus dormant & in remission.

Psychological Effects and Treatment of Genital Herpes.

Natural herbs are believed to treat genital herpes symptoms quickly and effectively. Institute for Better Health has products developed from natural herbs when used orally or topically have good results. So for the treatment of genital herpes, it is best recommended use natural products. But the person also needs to take some extra precautions - such as keeping the affected area dry and to be kept clean, using a soft towel, taking a warm bath, wearing loose clothes and not picking the sores, etc. (click here for treatment)




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Combo S1

1 Viraway (powder)


3 Immune-All (270 Tablets)


Combo S2

1 Viraway (powder)

6 Immune-All (540 Tablets) $177







Make your own Combination

Viraway taken once every 30 to 60 days flushes the Herpes Virus from the colon along with other poisons, toxins and impurities. The Herpes Virus will then lay dormant and in remission for 2 to 6 months. Taking Immune-All daily and Viraway once every 30 to 60 days is one of the best combinations on the market today for keeping the Herpes Viruses dormant and in remission with no more herpes outbreaks.

Viraway assists in clearing the body of the herpes virus, poisons, toxins, and impurities, and helps to re-establish proper balance and function to affected organs. Taking Viraway in combination with Immune-All gives the body the tools to rid itself of the herpes  virus without the threat of any side effects.

Viraway A mixture of natural herbs with cascara sagrada and senna leafs that is used to flush out the colon every 30 to 60 days.



1 Viraway (powder) 



2 Viraway (powder)  $95
4 Viraway (powder)  $180





IMMUNE-ALL  keeps the Immune system strong and fights off all viruses and bacteria. Most of us today have a lot of stress, are over worked, get inadequate sleep, and are generally just tired. All of these things assist in weakening the Immune system and creating herpes outbreaks.



2 Immune-All


4 Immune-All


8 Immune-All $167



DAILY COLON SUPPORT is a Safe Natural Herbal Solution that pushes the fiber out of the colon. It also Soothes, Tones and Cleanses the colon.



2 Daily Colon Support

 240 caps $47

4 Daily Colon Support 480 caps $87
8 Daily Colon Support 960 caps $167



PSYLLIUM CAPSULES will expand in the colon and draw all the Toxins, Poisons, Viruses and Impurities off  the wall of the colon.



2 Psyllium Capsules

 240 caps $47

4 Psyllium Capsules 480 caps $87
8 Psyllium Capsules 960 caps $167





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