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A  Letter from the President

As President and CEO of The Institute for Better Health, I am proud to introduce the all new Healthy Prostate Program. We have found that the combination of The Healthy Prostate Formula and The Prostate Massager (non invasive) are the 2 best productsws on the market today for all prostate problems. IFBH offers information, treatment and answers on any question you may have in regard to the prostate. I’m in my 70’s and have taking the HPF and used The prostate Massager for quite a few years and the good news is, no more night trips to the bath room. There are no more dribbles or the urgency to urinate. My erections are much firmer, the climaxes are better and my wife asked if I was using Viagra. I assured her I was not.

These 2 products will also reduce the size of an enlarged prostate and prevent prostate cancer. I assure you that this is the best Prostate Program on the market today for prostate problems. Try our products and may you and yours have a healthy and happy love life. I do.            

James Kaylon McIntyre





1. The Healthy Prostate Formula

2. The Prostate Massager (non invasive)

Improve Your Overall Health


An Alternative Prostate Treatment that works.


An Amazing Discovery on how the combination of The Prostate Massager(non invasive) and The Healthy Prostate Formula with 350 mg. of beta - sitosterol can eliminate all prostate problems and disorders. Each Year over 400,000 men in the United States undergo prostate surgery. You do not have to be one of these stats.

The Healthy Prostate Program with The Prostate Massager (non invasive) and The Prostate Formula with 350 mg. of Beta- sitosterol has no side effects. A Healthy prostate and sexual enhancement Program that is Safe, Natural, Inexpensive and has the 2 most effective products on the market today for prostate problems.

Having ERECTILE Problems and night trips to the bathroom are not necessarily from growing older, it is TREATABLE at any age. Creating Circulation and Nutrition is the answer.

The Prostate Massager (non invasive) gives you circulation and The Prostate Formula with 350 mg. of Beta-sitosterol gives you the nutrition that your prostate needs




  The Prostate Program

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The Healthy Prostate Formula with Beta-Sitosterol

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.The Healthy Prostate Program


These are some of the Benefits you will receive:


Is the most effective treatment known for preventing prostate disorders:


Night trips to Bath Room - Frequent dribbling - Aching pain in the area of the prostate


Decreased force and size of urinary stream


Need to urinate frequently, especially at night


Sudden, uncontrollable urgency to urinate


Inability to urinate (difficulty starting or stopping)


A burning sensation when urinating – Impotence -- Discomfort during intercourse


Reduced sexual ability and less exciting orgasm - Unable to have a firm erection or climax.







Millions of men suffer from prostate enlargement and approximately 32,000 men die from prostate cancer every year. There is no question that prostate problems have reached truly epidemic proportions. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death for men after lung cancer. Over 90% of prostate cancer goes undetected until it is untreatable and has spread to the bone and lymphatic system. By the age of 50, 35% of men have cancer cells in their prostate. This is not an " OLD MAN'S " disease. Despite this, prostate cancer and prostate disorders generally, still have a low level of public awareness.




More cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in men than breast cancer in women. Each year over 400,000 men in the United States alone undergo prostate surgery and over a billion dollars a year is spent on prostate treatment. Surgery often results in incontinence and impotence. Are you ready to wear diapers, suffer castration, and never have sex again? The number of newly diagnosed cases is expected to continually increase in the future, with a corresponding increase in the death rates. It is estimated that the number of deaths attributed to prostate cancer will exceed 40,000 per year.




Odds are 2 to 1 you will have prostate problems by the time you are 60. By age 65 most men have enlarged prostates. The first signs are urgency to urinate. Night urination and difficult urination. Literally 97% of all men will be affected with prostate problems during their lifetime.




THE PROSTATE PROGRAM is GUARANTEED. Through our research we have found nothing that compares with THE HEALTHY PROSTATE PROGRAM.
Beta-sitosterol is the most active ingredient in saw palmetto berries, which have been used for centuries to treat patients with prostate and urinary problems. Three capsules  of The Prostate Formula contain 350mg of beta-sitosterol, pygeum, stinging nettle, pumpkin seeds, 50mg. of zinc citrate and other Powerful Ingredients. You would have to consume about one pound of saw palmetto berries to get 350 mg. beta-sitosterol which is the amount in two capsules. Studies show that beta-sitosterol can be used to treat other conditions, such as cancer, tumors, diabetes, blood clotting, ulcers, atherosclerosis, alopecia, and inflammation




Review our information on Prostate Problems and Prostate Cancer.

You will find answers for, Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis, BPH, Prostate Cancer and PSA.




What is The Prostate


The prostate is a small, squishy gland about the size of a walnut that sits under the bladder and in front of the rectum. The urethra, the narrow tube that runs the length of the penis and that carries both urine and semen out of the body, runs directly through the prostate; the rectum, or the lower end of the bowel, sits just behind the prostate and the bladder. Sitting just above the prostate are the seminal vesicles, two little glands that secrete about 60% of the substances that makes up semen; running alongside and attached to the sides of the prostate are the nerves that control erectile function


Enlarged Prostate


The prostate is one of the main organs of the male reproductive system. This organ is vital for the male sex organs to develop normally. In adult men, the prostate acts mainly to add important fluids to the semen that nourish and protect them against the natural acids in the vagina. In many men, the prostate begins to grow when they are in their 50s, and it may continue to grow for the rest of their lives. An enlarged prostate is usually  for most men over age 50, which means that if your prostate has started to grow, it may continue to grow.


As the prostate grows, it puts pressure on the urethra—the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body. This increasing pressure on the urethra can lead to bothersome urinary symptoms and future problems such as surgery on your prostate. Although prostate cancer can also cause the prostate to grow, An Enlarged Prostate may not be a cancerous condition, and it may not lead to cancer.


An Enlarged Prostate is not life threatening, but you need to have a check up once a year and keep an eye on your PSA.



The prostate can "CHOKE" the urethra causing:
1. Decrease force of the urinary stream having to "push" the urine out.
2. Feeling as if bladder is not emptying
3. Increased urinating during nighttime
4. Stopping and starting of urinary stream




PSA (Prostate-specific antigen

is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. A PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the PSA test along with a digital rectal exam to help detect prostate cancer in men age 50 and older. The FDA has also approved the PSA test to monitor patients with a history of prostate cancer to see if the cancer has recurred. The higher a man’s PSA level, the more likely it is that cancer is present, but there are many other possible reasons for an elevated PSA level.                 




Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood. It is normal for men to have low levels of PSA in their blood; however, prostate cancer or benign conditions can increase PSA levels. As men age, both benign prostate conditions and prostate cancer become more frequent.The most common benign prostate conditions are prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate  and benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH enlargement of the prostate. PSA levels alone do not give doctors enough information to distinguish between benign prostate conditions and cancer. However, the doctor will take the result of the PSA test into account when deciding whether to check further for signs of prostate cancer.


Most doctors considered PSA values below 4.0 ng/ml as normal. 



1. 0 to 2.5 ng/ml is low, good.

2. 2.6 to 10 ng/ml is slightly to moderately elevated

3. 10 to 19.9 ng/ml is moderately elevated

4. 20 ng/ml or more is significantly elevated



The higher a man’s PSA level, the more likely it is that cancer is present. But because various factors can cause PSA levels to fluctuate, one abnormal PSA test does not necessarily indicate a need for other diagnostic tests. When PSA levels continue to rise over time, other tests may be needed. A man should discuss elevated PSA test results with his doctor. There are many possible reasons for an elevated PSA level, including prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement, inflammation, infection and age.


Prostatitis and Symptoms


Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland.

Painful urination, Urgencies, Sensation of having to urinate immediately.

Blood in semen, Discomfort in genital area, Lower back pain,

Painful ejaculation, Recurring urinary tract infection. 

Urinary retention and Infection in bloodstream.


Prostate Cancer


Is a disease in which cancer develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Cancer occurs when cells of the prostate mutate and begin to multiply out of control. These cells may spread from the prostate to other parts of the body, especially the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may cause pain, difficulty in urinating, erectile dysfunction and other symptoms


Prostate cancer develops most frequently in men over forty. It is the most common type of cancer in men in the United States. It is responsible for more male deaths than any other cancer, except lung cancer. However, many men who develop prostate cancer never have symptoms, undergo no therapy, and eventually die of other causes. Many factors, including genetics and diet, have been implicated in the development of prostate cancer.


The Healthy Prostate Program is guaranteed to be the best product on the market today that will give you definite improvement. The Prostate Massager and The Prostate Formula taking regularly will make your prostate healthy. The Prostate Formula has 8 powerful ingredients, plus using The Prostate Massager will make your prostate healthier.


Having ERECTILE Problems and night trips to the bathroom are not necessarily from growing older, it is TREATABLE at any age. Creating Circulation (better blood flow) and Nutrition is the answer. Massaging the Prostate with The Prostate Massager (non invasive) gives you circulation and The Prostate Formula with 350 mg. of Beta-sitosterol gives you the nutrition that your prostate needs.



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